Directions and Parking at Ada First United Methodist Church

The church is located at 301 N. Main St. in Ada, OH at the traffic light intersection of SR 235 (Main St.) and Highland Ave.  See the purple circle in the picture below.  The church has limited parking on the north alley for approximately 8 cars (see the purple rectangle).

Google Maps Directions

The majority of parking is off-site on the nearby streets (see the red lines on the map below that indicate street parking on Main St., Highland Ave., and Buckeye St.).  The Village of Ada maintains a free public parking lot one block south of the church at the intersection of N. Gilbert Ave. and W. Buckeye St. (see the red circle on the map).  

Those wishing to drop-off their passengers can utilize the canopy entrance of the church, following the directions on the yellow line in the map below.  Turn right onto the canopy driveway from W. Highland Ave.  After dropping off your passengers, proceed to the north and exit via the alley to Main St. (turn right onto the alley).

 Canopy Entrance off of W. Highland Ave.

Those with handicap needs should utilize the canopy entrance of the church.  There are two handicap spaces on the church property just north of the canopy and on Sundays, the parking adjacent to the church on Highland Ave. is handicap only as well.  There is also a handicap spot at the southwest corner of Main and Highland.  See the blue rectangles for handicap parking.



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