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If you are looking for a giving link for Sugar Grove United Methodist Church, that has moved to the West Ohio Conference online church giving site.

Donations to Ada First UMC General Fund 

Your service and gifts are invaluable to the mission and ministries of Ada First UMC.  Please consider making a donation to our General Fund, which handles our day to day ministries.  There is a 2% convenience fee to cover bank processing fees charged to the church if you donate via credit card, and a 1% convenience fee if you donate via a personal checking account.  Your gift (including the convenience fee) is tax deductible and you will receive a receipt via email, in addition to an annual statement.   

Donations to our Special Funds

You also may select to give to two special financial funds at Ada First UM Church.  

  • The Parking Lot Fund will help the church complete the two vacant lots west of our church building with a coating of asphalt and sidewalks.
  • The Capital Fund monies are used only for improvements to the physical property or are physical items that will have a lifespan of more than five years and an initial cost of more than $1,000.

The 2020 Stewardship Campaign

In 2020, our church is seeking to live as generous stewards of God's gifts by reaching up to God and reaching out to our neighbors.  The 2020 Generosity Stewardship campaign info is located on our stewardship campaign page.  If you would like to support Ada First UMC in 2020 with a monetary pledged amount, you can electronically submit your financial pledge information directly to the financial secretary.  Additionally, you can complete a survey to indicate how you would like to support Ada First UMC with your Prayers, Gifts, Service, and Witness that will be sent directly to the church office.  If you prefer to complete either piece via paper, you can download and print out the two forms from the stewardship campaign webpage.

Donating Stock or Directing an IRA Distribution to the Church?

If you have reached 70 ½ years of age, you may be facing a requirement to draw down from your Individual Retirement Account (IRA). You can make this a win-win situation by making a Qualified Charitable Distribution to a charity (or charities) of your choice, like Ada First UM Church. Doing so avoids having to claim the amount as taxable income and also gives you a tax benefit for making a charitable donation.  

If you have stock that you would like to donate to the church, this can be done fee-free through the Council on Development at the West Ohio Conference UMC headquarters in Columbus.  Read more about that here!

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