Building Our Vision

Building Our Vision is the current capital campaign program at Ada First UMC.  The life of our church changed forever on March 13, 2012 when our church building was destroyed in a fire.  We mourned, struggled, vented and we learned in a most profoud way that WE the people, are the church.  Since the fire, we have discussed, explored and clarified the purpose of our ministry in Ada and our surrounding communities.  We decided that we needed to rebuild our church on the hallowed ground of the original stone church that had served us and Ada so well for so many decades.  We are committed to a future in which our new building will help us expand our ministries.

This capital campaign was held in Spring 2013 and has reached over $700,000 in pledged gifts.  These gifts will be received over a three-year time period from June 2013 through June 2016.  As part of the campaign, we created a short church video series.  Feel free to share them!

With these pledged capital campaign gifts and the insurance settlement, the building committee of the church has worked with the architect to complete a final rendering and floor plan for our new building that fits best with our financial resources.  These architectural drawings were approved by Administrative Council, the District Building Committee, and the church membership in July 2013 and we are proud of the resulting structure as it opened in March 2015!

Proclaiming Christ; Preparing Disciples